Community service of students of Master’s Program Biomedical Science

with Prof. Hans Jurgen Magert from Anhalt University, Germany to the Al-Ikhwan Orphanage in Ciawi


Community service was also conducted by Master’s Program Biomedical Science involving colleague from Anhalt University, Prof. Hans Jurgen Magert and this activity was carried out in the form of social service to the Al Ikhwan Orphanage on March 26, 2017. The event was opened with speech from the owner of the orphanage and continued with remarks from Prof. Hans Jurgen Magert. During this visit, the children from Al-Ikhwan orphanage performed art performances in the form of singing and dancing which they arranged independently. At the end of the event, students of Master’s Program Biomedical Science (PMIB FKUI) shared goodie bags that have been prepared before. This social service experience can foster student’s soft skills, especially in communicating and interacting with community and able to flourish empathy to the community within the students. Asides of that, for study program itself, this activity involving international colleagues are expected to open up more opportunities for wider international cooperation.