Master’s programme in biomedical sciences (MPBS) – FMUI




According to the latest advances in education, MPBS teaching and learning activities implement SPICES educational strategies. SPICES stands for: Student-centered learning, Problem-based learning, Integrated Teaching, Community-based education, Elective, and Systematic Method (Harden, 1984).

MPBS FMUI has designed teaching and learning activities, i.e. general lecture, concentration lecture, laboratory/field practice, seminar, thesis research, and publication, which are constructively aligned to the achievement of ELOs. Teaching and learning activities are performed using several approaches such as interactive lectures, presentation and discussion, report/paper writing, laboratory skill, and field trip.

On campus, various events are organized to enrich the academic and scientific atmosphere for students and faculty. 

These events collectively contribute to a vibrant academic environment, promoting learning, innovation, and professional growth within the campus community.



  • Forum Biomedika, where experts and scholars gather to discuss and exchange ideas on biomedical topics.
  • Special Lectures are conducted by renowned speakers to provide insights into cutting-edge research and advancements in the field.
  • Publication Award recognizes outstanding research publications by students and faculty members.
  • Field Trips and Study Visits offer opportunities for practical learning and exposure to real-world applications.
  • Research Training programs equip students with essential research skills and methodologies.
  • Advanced Courses and Workshops cover specialized topics to enhance knowledge and expertise.
  • Community Service initiatives engage students in projects that contribute to the well-being of the community.
  • Thesis Poster Exhibition showcases the research work of students, fostering academic exchange and collaboration.
  • Scientific Seminars and Competitions provide platforms to present and discuss research findings, encouraging scientific discourse and healthy competition.