Master’s programme in biomedical sciences (MPBS) – FMUI




Based on the Decree of the Chancellor of the University of Indonesia Number 1930/SK/R/UI/2017, the Integrated Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia was established as a Special Work Unit for Service and Community Service within the University of Indonesia with the aim of serving the community through the application of knowledge and expertise in the medical field, besides In addition, the presence of the FMUI (Bahasa: FKUI) Integrated Laboratory is one of the laboratories that fully supports academic activities in accordance with the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely Education, Research and Development and Community Service.
Special activity unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia which fully supports research activities in the biomedical field, both for FKUI-RSCM academics and non-FKUI-RSCM researchers.

Molecolar Biology

Comprehand the biological molecules, exploring their functions in life processes. It helps understand gene expression, DNA replication, and cellular signaling, advancing genetics, medicine, and biotechnology.

Hormones, Immune, and Chemistry

Delving into the Complexity of Hormones: Unraveling the Intricate Mechanisms of Hormonal Regulation, Immune System Dynamics, and Chemical Interactions in the Field of Biomedical Sciences.

Cell and Tissue Culture

Revolutionizing Biomedical Sciences through Cutting-Edge Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques: Exploring the Depths of Cellular Behavior, Tissue Engineering, and Therapeutic Applications.

Electrophysiology and Imaging

Comprehand the electrical patterns in the heart. A branch of physiology that studies the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues. Probing the Electrical Activity and Visualizing the Inner Workings of Biological Systems.