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Master’s Programme in Biomedical Sciences: Nurturing Excellence, Inspiring Innovation, and Pioneering Breakthroughs in Biomedicine to Shape the Future of Healthcare and Improve Global Well-being.

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Welcome to the website of Master’s Programme in Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. Since 1979, Master’s Programme in Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia has generated graduates who have been proving themselves in scientific world especially in the research, education and industrial field.
As a frontier of Medical Sciences study in Indonesia, the program should aware of the all the issues, problems, and aspirations at the local, regional, national and international level which can directly impact the advancement of Biomedical Sciences. Therefore, Master’s Programme in Biomedical Science Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia has to be the center of the life science development in terms of concepts, methodologies and technology.

Currently, the Master’s Programme in Biomedical Science Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia has been stepping in to internalization phase in order to support Strategic Plan Universitas Indonesia (Rencana Strategis Universitas Indonesia) at the year 2020-2024 to prepare Universitas Indonesia as a pioneer in developing national intellectuals, contributing in the advancement of Indonesia’s living condition and in solving global problems in the 21st century.

Head of Study Program
Prof. dr. Wawaimuli Arozal, M.Biomed, PhD.

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