Master’s programme in biomedical sciences (MPBS) – FMUI

Teaching facilities


Discover the Legacy and Modern Facilities for Biomedical Sciences Education and Research

MPBS FMUI located at Salemba campus, a cultural heritage building established in 1920, comprising nine FMUI biomedical departments and the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) FMUI which facilitates MPBS teaching and learning activities.

The IMERI was launched in 2017 and consists of education and research tower (total 27,965.23 sqm) and provides an aula, three auditoriums, a teaching theatre, lecture rooms, discussion rooms, seminar rooms, a library, advanced laboratories, and a secretariat office for MPBS. In total, 35 lecture and discussion rooms (1,546 sqm), as well as two seminar rooms (89.5 sqm) are available for MPBS FMUI. There are also rooms for MPBS students and academic staff to do their individual activities. All of these facilities are adequate to accommodate the MPBS learning activities.

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The IMERI Building at MPBS FMUI stands as a symbol of progress and innovation in biomedical sciences. With its state-of-the-art facilities, including lecture rooms, discussion rooms, seminar rooms, advanced laboratories, and a dedicated secretariat office, it provides a conducive environment for cutting-edge education and groundbreaking research. This dynamic hub fosters collaboration, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence in the field of biomedical sciences, empowering students and faculty to make significant contributions to scientific advancements and the betterment of society.





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a versatile space for academic events, conferences, and discussions. With modern facilities and comfortable seating, it fosters knowledge exchange and intellectual engagement. Equipped with audiovisual resources, it provides an ideal setting for lectures, seminars, and symposiums. The Aula enriches the academic experience, promoting scholarly interactions among students, faculty, and experts in biomedical sciences.

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Seminar Rooms

Spacious and well-equipped, our seminar rooms provide an ideal setting for interactive discussions, presentations, and knowledge-sharing among participants. Designed to facilitate effective learning and collaboration, these rooms offer a comfortable and conducive environment for seminars, workshops, and academic events.





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Lecturer rooms

Our lecturer rooms are dedicated spaces for our esteemed faculty members to prepare, collaborate, and engage in academic activities. Equipped with essential resources and comfortable furnishings, these rooms provide a conducive environment for lecturers to conduct research, develop course materials, and interact with students. These spaces foster a productive and supportive atmosphere for teaching and mentorship, enhancing the overall learning experience for our students.

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Discussion Rooms

Our discussion rooms offer a dynamic setting for collaborative learning and in-depth conversations among students and faculty. These spaces are designed to encourage active participation, brainstorming, and idea exchange. Equipped with interactive tools and comfortable seating arrangements, the discussion rooms provide an ideal environment for group work, presentations, and engaging discussions on various topics. These rooms facilitate a vibrant and interactive learning experience, fostering critical thinking, communication skills, and teamwork among our students.



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Secretariat office

The secretariat office serves as the administrative hub of MPBS FMUI, providing support and coordination for various activities. It is a central point of contact for students, faculty, and staff, ensuring smooth communication and efficient management of administrative tasks. The secretariat office plays a crucial role in organizing events, handling inquiries, managing documentation, and facilitating collaborations. With a dedicated and professional team, the secretariat office ensures the effective functioning of MPBS FMUI, enabling a productive and streamlined operation of the program.





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Student Rooms

The student rooms at MPBS FMUI provide a comfortable and conducive environment for students to engage in individual activities and studies. These dedicated spaces offer a quiet and focused setting where students can concentrate on their coursework, research, and collaborative projects. Equipped with necessary resources and amenities, the student rooms cater to the specific needs of MPBS students, fostering an atmosphere of productivity and academic growth. These rooms serve as personalized spaces where students can work independently, exchange ideas, and enhance their learning experience within the MPBS community.