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Information Technology


About Our Information Technology

We have two computer laboratory which are at GDLN and at IMERI. GDLN is a learning network initiated by the World Bank in 2000, which today has more than 120 learning centers (GDLN affiliates). Its main goal is to enable GDLN affiliates to host coordination, consultation, and training events in a timely and cost-effective manner through videoconferencing, high-speed internet resources, and interactive facilitation and learning techniques.

IMERI is the first institute of medical education and research in Indonesia with a vision of “Creating better healthcare and quality of life through disruptive innovation in medical education and research.”

Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab

The Computer Lab at Universitas Indonesia’s GDLN and IMERI facilities offers advanced computing resources and technology for students, researchers, and faculty. With high-speed internet, modern computers, and specialized software, it supports various activities like collaboration, data analysis, and research simulations. The lab’s dedicated staff provide technical support, empowering users in the digital age.


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