MPBS FMUI located at Salemba campus, a cultural heritage building established in 1920, comprising nine FMUI biomedical departments and the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) FMUI which facilitates MPBS teaching and learning activities.

The IMERI was launched in 2017 and consists of education and research tower (total 27,965.23 sqm) and provides an aula, three auditoriums, a teaching theatre, lecture rooms, discussion rooms, seminar rooms, a library, advanced laboratories, and a secretariat office for MPBS. In total, 35 lecture and discussion rooms (1,546 sqm), as well as two seminar rooms (89.5 sqm) are available for MPBS FMUI.

There are also rooms for MPBS students and academic staff to do their individual activities. All of these facilities are adequate to accommodate the MPBS learning activities.

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