Assessment of MPBS students is regularly conducted starting from admission (entry exam), during courses/learning activities, and finally during thesis defence (exit/graduation exam) in order to continuously monitor the learning progress and evaluate the achievement of ELOs. Students accepted on to the MPBS FMUI have passed the entry exam, which selects potential candidates who could achieve the MPBS ELOs based on their academic potential and English proficiency conducted by SIMAK UI, as well as their motivation and performance by interview selection. Student assessments during their study on the MPBS are constructed in accordance to the teaching and learning activities pertaining to the achievement of ELOs. The assessment is carried out through written essays and practical examinations, reports/papers evaluation, presentation and discussion evaluation, proposal examination, and graduation examination (thesis defence). In addition, student performance such as attendance, time management, and other non-curricular activities is taken into account as a requirement for examination. The regulations pertaining to student assessment is defined in the Academic Guideline Book.

Assessment methods alignment with ELOs

The assessment methods used in MPBS FMUI are: essay written examination, presentation and discussion evaluation, practical examination, report/paper writing evaluation, proposal examination, and graduation examination. To ensure the validity, reliability, and fairness of student assessment, MPBS FMUI has developed and standardized rubrics for each assessment method containing criteria that can be measured using a scoring system. These scoring rubrics are aligned with the ELOs of each teaching and learning activities. The evaluation for ELO 1 and ELO 2 emphasizes the critical thinking/appraisal in the form of a written (essay) examination, as well as presentation and discussion evaluation, whereas ELO 4 and ELO 5 will be assessed through motoric skills in practical examinations and thesis defence. The thesis, as one of the teaching and learning activities in MPBS FMUI, is aligned to all the ELOs. Thus, it has comprehensive assessment methods comprising the assessment of presentation and discussion, paper writing, and laboratory/field practice, via the research proposal examination, used to evaluate problem identification and research question or hypothesis formulation, as well as thesis defence as a graduation/exit examination. The publication course is assessed by the supervisor and an external reviewer appointed by course coordinator using the scoring rubric for presentation and discussion, as well as for the paper writing assessment