As depicted in the organizational structure, MPBS FMUI is managed by the Head of Study Programme (HSP) under the direction of the UI Rector and FMUI Dean. The HSP of MPBS FMUI is assisted by two Secretaries of Study Programme (SSP) for academic and financial management. The HSP supervises the Concentration Coordinator to manage the teaching and learning processes across the 15 concentrations.

Besides, the concentration coordinator is an active academic staff in the specific department and also Coordinator of post-graduate education in each department. Immunology, Medical Reproductive Science, Transfusion Science, Oncology, Bioinformatics and Stem Cells concentrations do not have their own department in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.

The concentration coordinator, as a board member of MPBS FMUI, is responsible to HSP. On the other hand, as a coordinator of post-graduate education in a specific department, he/she is responsible to the head of the respective Department.

Organizational Structure of MPBS FMUI