MPBS FMUI defines “Biomedical Sciences” as disciplines of medicine utilizing basic concepts and principles of life sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) to:

  • Explain phenomenon of life at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole organism levels
  • Explain the relationship of those phenomenon with pathogenesis of diseases
  • Discover or develop novel strategies/substances for prevention, treatment, and recovery of impairment due to disease

Biomedical research promotes new ways of diagnostics, care, rehabilitation and regeneration in medicine. Excellent research and biomedical science education provided by the Master Program in Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia is the spearhead of the latest medical science and research.

Among the results of countless studies, we proudly highlight the development of vaccines and herbal medicines, stem cells including cancer stem cells, hypoxia and oxidative stress as our study with well-known publications or patents.

As a pioneer of the Biomedical Science graduate school in Indonesia, our graduates gain unlimited experience in participating in ongoing research funded by international and local grants, and are also involved in academic cooperation with leading international institutions such as the University of Tsukuba (Japan), Rutgers University (USA), and University of Newcastle (UK). Both academics, research institutions and the national and international biopharmaceutical industry say our graduates are the best graduates with strategic and respected leadership positions.